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  • Miller Young

Coronavirus vs. Flu Virus


Coronavirus has sweeping the news recently and we need to take note on the recognizing this virus compared to others. A little background to this, is that it started in the Wuhan province of China. At Ground Zero, there have been cases popping up everyday increasing the totals of infected higher by the day. But here in the states, the cases are limited. In New York, the reported cases has been 10, but 7 have been found negative. Chances are, the remaining cases maybe limited. Chances will increase if we are in China or have contact with patients from the Wuhan province. Currently the total is around 190 that have died from the Coronavirus. This number may sound high, but there is another virus that has shown its supremacy over it and we do have the answer for: that is the flu virus. The number who have died from the flu virus this flu season have been 8200. So get vaccinated today.

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